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About Us

The Story Behind Our Name……….back when it started in 2002………

We wanted a name that made the children feel like it was “Their Place”  “Their Sanctuary”  “Their 2nd Home”  -  KIDS DOMAIN

KIDS DOMAIN has been operating as an OSCAR Approved Level 3 accredited out of school care and recreation provider since 2002.  We have 4 locations – Stokes Valley, Epuni, Petone and Lower Hutt.  All centres provide before school care, after school care and school holiday programmes (with the exception of Petone and Epuni that does not run holiday programme)


 KIDS DOMAIN centres are the home away from home to approximately 110 children (permanent and casual enrolments)  Most of our families live in the Lower Hutt community, but we also have children from as far as Napier and Christchurch attend our school holiday programmes.


Our supervisors are police vetted, trained in first aid, antibullying, childrens health, child protection, behaviour management.  KIDS DOMAIN is used by ICAFS and Ministry of Health because we have experience with the inclusion of neurodivergent children.


KIDS DOMAIN programmes have been fine-tuned over the years to suit the needs of all our children enrolled and to cater for the different age groups.  We have listened to feedback of what the children and families want and our programmes are designed with this in mind.  We provide a mixture of free play and structured activities and all children are encouraged to participate – however can choose if they want to join in.  Our service will provide a safe, varied and stimulating programme that meets the developmental, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of the children.

KIDS DOMAIN is flexible - changing to meet the needs of individuals, families and    communities

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